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12 blade W \ 2200Kv For 5s - 6s

12 blade W \ 2200Kv For 5s - 6s
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Price: $75.00
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Model: 7012B2200KVNR
Manufacturer: Cyclone Power
Average Rating: Not Rated

7012B 2200Kv Power Unit For 5S - 6S  Dynamically Balanced ! 

NOTE: Fan setup will come with stock plastic spinner, please specify if aluminum spinner is desired and we'll supply if stock is available 





- Material : Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon

- Rotor Diameter : 68.5mm , 12 Blade Normal

- Spinner Material : Stock Plastic

- Shroud O.D.: 73.2mm

- Shroud I.D.: 69.8mm

- Length: 57.6mm (With Front Horn Ring) , 50.3mm (Without Front Horn Ring)

- Motor Housing Diameter: 29.8mm

- Stator Number: 4

- Weight: 246g


- Working Voltage : 18.5v - 22.2v ( 5 - 6S )

- Motor  1900w 2200kv-4mm shaft Motor


Note: The balance on this fan will create some rubbing on the inside of the shroud that can't be helped


70mm (12 Blade) + 2200kv 2970  Motor + 18.5v Static Thrust: 2100g 68A 1500w

70mm (12 Blade) + 2200kv 2970   Motor + 22.2v Static Thrust: 6lbs 40z peak 110A 2300ish watts**

** I'm upping the watts cause batterie voltages these days are kept high with graphene packs.

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12 blade W \ 2200Kv For 5s - 6s
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12 blade W \ 2200Kv For 5s - 6s
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