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RClander-Metal 90mm EDF

RClander-Metal 90mm EDF
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Price: $65.00
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Model: RCl-90mm edf
Manufacturer: RCLander
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RCLander 90mm EDF Unit Fan only no Motor



- Outside Diameter: 94mm

- Rotor Diameter: 90mm 5 Blade

- Marterial: ABS & Special Aluminium

- Weight: 550g (Whole Unit With Motor)


Normal 90 - 92mm EDF's In the market has Always created high temperature during operation. It will cause a lost in power or damage to the motor, ESC Or Battery.  Sometimes, certain EDF's will need to add aluminium heat ring Or bullet to improve this. But it doesn't work very well.

Lander's technology designed their New EDF with whole special metal housing to improve this problem & with major advantages:

1. Whole Shroud Including Tail Pipe Are Made By a CNC Procedure Using Special Aluminium Material. That Means Whole Shroud Will  Work As A Heat Sink To Let Any High Temperatures Out From The Operating Motor.

2. Based On the Design & Benefit, The Motor Can Be Operated More Efficiently To Meet The Peak Performance More Easily & Durability. It Also Indirectly Protects The ESC & Battery.

3.  New Design Of Internal Metal Fan For Motor Ventilation Purpose.

4.  New Inlet Design To Gain The Zero Gap Effect Between Blade With Housing.

 5. Suitable For Single EDF Jet With Flying Weight 3000 - 3500g & Twin EDF Jet With Flying Weight 6,000 - 7,000g



This is the ideal fan for the EDFhobbies 2100kv and 1700kv 90mm motor line...

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RClander-Metal 90mm EDF
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RClander-Metal 90mm EDF
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RClander-Metal 90mm EDF
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