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Rclander Servoless Retracts 90 Degree Rotating

Rclander Servoless Retracts 90 Degree Rotating
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Price: $80.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: RCL 90d ELE. Retract
Manufacturer: RCLander
Average Rating: Not Rated

RC Lander 90 degree main rotating type electric retract system without strut & wheels

A new design with compact shape, simple structure with individual control capability - The Lander ERS-AR 90 degree rotating retracts is easy to install and use for most 40 size, up to 7.5 Lbs WWII WarBirds that need rotating retract wheels configuration.

* 3.0 mm steel landing gear shaft to fit different size scaled oleo metal struts and wheel sets.

* Advanced individual micro controller with integrated circuits protection design; can automatically stop and recover jamming and over-current drain problems.

* Work with receiver battery for either 4.8 V or 6.0 volt. Operation current is around 0.32A for 2 seconds due on retracting or extension.

* We suggest using additional 5A, 5V UBEC for high voltage motor set up, such as 4 LiPo (14.8V)and above to provide a consistence and sufficient power capacity for all control surfaces. Don't try to use 7.2V 2S LiPo instead of UBEC, the controller could be damaged by their high voltage input.

* One Y power connector included.

* Max AUW load up to 7.5 Lbs airplanes which need 90 degree rotating retracted wheel in flying.

* The rotate type nose retract is also available as an option item for your choice. It can be used for some airplanes with restricted depth nose space like F-86, MIG-15, MIG-16 etc.

All retracts are the same size with 66 L x 22.5 H x 17.5 W in mm. Total weight for 2 main retract without struts and wheels is 2.3 oz (62.5 grams). Nose retract is 1.2 oz (34 grams)

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Rclander Servoless Retracts 90 Degree Rotating
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