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Yes we Balance your fan and motor even if you did not buy from us.



Check out the lower prices on all 70MM fan and Motor Combos


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Welcome to EDFHobbies!!! Have a look around.  Don't see what you want? Drop us a line and we will find it for you.  We are here to help you.  Give us a call 817 586 6796 or email and we will gladly process your order over the phone.  Customer service is our number 1 Goal! Orders are shipped in the same day if ordered by 1 p.m.


EDF Units Instock:

  • Changesun 70mm 4B, 10B, and 12B
  • Changesun 90mm 12B and 18B
  • XRP 70mm 14B and 90mm 14B
  • Taft Hobby/viper 90mm 11Blades
  • WEMO
  • HET
  • Freewing 90mm Plastic
  • Freewing Metal 90mm and 70mm counter rotation set
  • Cyclone Power 70mm 4B and 10B
  • Cyclone Power 90mm 12B -18B
  • RCLander 5B, 11B, 12B
  • Eflite
  • Tahmazo

EDfhobbies is the place for complete fan and motor combos balanced and ready run... 50mm, 64mm, 70mm and 90mm..


Hot selling 70mm Comobos:

  • CS10B V3 4s to 6s setups
  • CS12B V2 4s to 6s setups
  • XRP 14B 4s to 6s setups
  • Eflite 80mm 2300kv 6s
  • Cyclone Power 70mm 10B 7010
  • Cyclone Power 70mm 10B 7010 Counter Rotation Set
  • Cyclone Power 70mm 10B 7011 Counter Rotation Set




10 Bladed 70mm Test Data:


70mm (10 Blade) + IR550-3300kv-40 Motor + 14.8v Static Thrust: 1580g 68A

70mm (10 Blade) + IR570-3000kv-40 Motor + 14.8v  Static Thrust: 1680g 77A

70mm (10 Blade) + IR550-2800kv-32 Motor + 14.8v Static Thrust: 1350g 58A

70mm (10 Blade) + IR550-2800kv-32 Motor + 18.5v Static Thrust: 1900g 78A

70mm (10 Blade) + IR550-2200kv-40 Motor + 18.5v Static Thrust: 1700g 55A

70mm (10 Blade) + IR550-2200kv-40 Motor + 22.2v Static Thrust: 2180g 68A


70mm (10 Blade) + RCL2400kv -4.0mm Motor + 14.8v  Static Thrust: 2lbs 12oz. 50A 750w

70mm (10 Blade) + RCL2400kv- 4.0mm Motor + 18.5v Static Thrust: 4lbs 2oz. 70A 1400w

70mm (10 Blade) + RCL2400kv -4.0mm Motor + 22.2v Static Thrust: 6lbs 5oz. 90A 2100w




Test Data performed with CS10 blade rotor and Cyclone Power Special Metal Fan.  Look for them in the 70mm motor section.


5/6 Bladed Test Data wemo rotor:


70mm (6 Blade) + IR550-3300-40 Motor + 14.8v   Static Thrust: 1300g  50A

70mm (5 Blade) + IR550-3300-40 Motor + 18.5v   Static Thrust: 1700g  80A

70mm (5 Blade) + IR500-3700-40 Motor + 14.8v   Static Thrust: 1400g  48A

70mm (6 Blade) + IR500-3700-40 Motor + 14.8v  Static Thrust:  1500g 64A

70mm (5 Blade) + IR550-2800-32 Motor + 22.2v   Static Thrust: 2050g  57A

70mm (6 Blade) + IR550-2800-32 Motor + 22.2v  Static Thrust:  2130g 68A





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